Tear Trough Fillers

Tear Trough Treatment with Teosyal Redensity 2.

Dark Circles and hollows under the eyes are a giveaway of age. ‘Tear-trough’ treatment is a simple procedure that refreshes and rejuvenates tired eyes, leaving them looking bright, fresh and awake.


What Is Teosyal Redensity 2?

Teosyal Redensity 2 is the first dermal filler of its kind that has been developed specifically for the tear trough area to address fine lines, dark circles and deep hollows under the eyes.

How does it work?

It is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel specifically designed to treat the delicate and sensitive eye circle area. It also contains amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the dermis giving hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin.

The amino acids vitamins and minerals are necessary for restructuring and cell regeneration and the antioxidants for cell protection while the hyaluronic acid replaces lost volumes and improves skin hydration.

How long does it last?

Results are seen immediately and last approx. 9-12 months, depending on your metabolism and other external factors. Most patients return for maintenance treatments between 6-9 moths for optimal results.

Are under-Eye Fillers Safe?

The tear trough filler procedure is very safe, minimally invasive and has a low-risk profile in most patients. All patients undergo an initial consultation before treatment to ensure that this procedure is right for them.

What Is Involved in Tear Trough Treatment?

The tear trough filler procedure is quick, simple and safe. It involves the carefully injection of the tear trough filler to the tear trough area using a cannula
Treatment usually takes around 30 minutes, and you can return to normal activities straight after your appointment.

Prior to your treatment a though consultation and medical history is required to assess your suitability for treatment.

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